Von Schweikert speakers

I'm interested in how Von Schweikert-experienced listeners feel about these speakers. I've never heard them and have no way locally of doing so, but I'm interested in how they sound. I'm running Spatial M3 Turbos now and love their open baffle sound, but I'm not wedded to any one sound in particular.

many thanks.

I have a beautiful part of UniField 3 Mk2 loudspeakers, and they amaze me every time I play music through them.  They are basically a one-way with a ribbon tweeter and a small but very powerful woofer, in two cabinets.  Beautiful, and beautiful sounding.  The speakers in my main system are Vandersteen 5A.  Second/third system are JBL L100 Classic. I love each system, and wish I could justify a fourth, at times.  
I had DB-100’s and they were great through my SET amp phase, the others I have heard are uneventful to me.
I have owned VR 4.5 Silver since new. I have always enjoyed them, driven by good equipment.  I,too, would caution against buying speakers w/o audition, in your own space, If possible...of all equipment, they are most room dependent...my speakers seem coherent from low to high excellent soundstage, but haven’t auditioned newer speakers inavery long time
I have some experience with von schweikert speakers because he was a major player in the design and development of the woofer and passive radiator design in my ess speakers. I have also heard one of his statement speakers in chicago years back and came away with mixed feelings about them, but i can tell you that his early designs were magic.
I have owned Von Schweikert speakers for  a decade starting with VR 4SR, then VR5 Anniversary and now VR 55Aktives. I have auditioned many speakers including Wilson, Magico, Tidal, etc and to me Von Schweikert speakers have always sounded more natural. I am an amateur pianist. In my room I compared the VSA speakers to a grand piano in the same room and VSA sounded closest to the real instrument.
In addition, due to their design there is a very large sweet spot (you even get stereo far off to the side wall), and on many models bass is adjustable which helps create workable placement .in terms of room size and distance from front wall. The company has always been highly responsive and the product 100% reliable. They are transparent and easily reveal enhancements in equipment. I have had many audiophiles in my home who own other brands and all have been surprised and pleased with the VSA sound. Hope this helps.