von Schweikert set up

I'm considering von Schweikert VR5SE or VR4Sr. Reading their manuals and reviews it seems like there are an infinite number of adjustments and positioning issues to get them to sound their best. Does anyone have experience with setting these up? Is it fairly straightforward, extremely difficult, ultimately worth it?? Thanks.
I have the VR4Sr. Setup was not that difficult. The owners manual is pretty good. I also used some information on the Cardas site. I played with the setup for a while and when I felt I had found the optimum placement for my room I then put the spikes under them. Check out the review on enjoythemusic.com. Good luck.

It's not difficult, and it's no more difficult than setting up any other dynamic loudspeaker.
I agree.I have the VSSR just upgraded to MarkII Setup is no problem. If you are setting them up on hardwood flooring or similar try the Sound Anchors stand. It makes an amazing difference. Truly great spekers.