Von Schweikert Owners

Looking for experienced Vr6 Thru VR9 owners to fess up on thier favorite solid state amplification, Im currenly running VAC 140/140III on the VR8's that have been upgraded to the VR9's (96db). Modds included 15"Internal Amps (2K) 10" upgraded midbass, new mids tweeters and crossovers also hade the veneer redone to Dark cherry.
i owned the VR9SE's for the last 15 months; they were just shipped to their new owner. i have VR11SE's on order and currently i have VR7SE's on loan and am breaking them in as i type this.....so i have a bit of Von Schweikert experience.

as all the Von Schweikert's are relatively efficient and have benign impedences you don't need a 'mega-watt' giant ss amp to get full dynamics. you also need a very natural sounding amp with great clarity and neutrality since the Von Schweikert's are so revealing of amp characteristics.

the darTZeel NHB-108 is the best sounding ss amp i know about and my amp of choice. it matches the needs of the Von Schweikert speakers perfectly. i could not recommend it higher.
I heard the 5SE with the Pass X-600s,the Pass seems to compliment the VSAs.I enjoyed the Lamm monos on my VR-6s.I know it's a hybrid.
I am also using the Dartzeel NHB 108 with the VR-7 se. The results are excellent. Definitely no need for more watts. The sound is effortless with this amp. I also used the Manley neo classic 250s and these were no comparison to the Dartzeel.
Hiend, the new VR-9Se are a totally new speaker compared to your modifications to the VR8 to make it some other model. My statement is made so as not to confuse other readers looking for insight on the new VR-9
Hello Hiend, I started out with the original VR-4's, got the very first pair of VR-4 Gen.III's to come off the line, had them upgraded to HSE's, had a pair of VR-4JR's while the Gen.III's where being upgraded, and finally got a used set of VR-6's which have been upgraded to VR-7's. In the beginning was a McCormack DNA-1 Deluxe, then a modified by Steve McCormack Revision B DNA-1, and finally a McCormack DNA-500. I know you don't need that much power, but I am very fond of the combination and both brands as you can probably tell from my ramblings. Another brand I use and like very well is the Verbatim cable line that Paul Garner makes. This is my first post and I just wanted to say that I am not associated with any audio company, just a big fan of the above mentioned companies. Good luck with your search.
Thanks for the replys. Yes I should have mentioned vr-8's are upgraded using similar technolagy to the vr-9 and are NOT vr-9's. 15K upgrade