Von Schweikert Master Built “STANDARD” Power Cords

As an audiophile, I like most of you are always researching and going through various hi end audio components. The following feedback of my Von Schweikert Master Built “STANDARD” Power Cords was developed during listening sessions in “my home” and with “my system”.

I own the Von Schweikert vr-35’s and when I was talking to Albert he suggested I try the Von Schweikert Master Built “Standard” power cords. I didn’t know Albert was in the cabling business and was not in the market for cabling because I already had a very good power cords. Reluctantly I decided to give them a try. I have to say there was a difference and the difference affected the quality and yes musicality of my system. I will list my components so the reader can get an understanding of my system.
Bob Carver Cherry 180’s Mono-blocks (in black)
Coincident Statement Line Stage
PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC MKII and Perfect Wave Transport
PS Audio P5
Von Schweikert vr -35 Speakers (upgraded version that I will provide feedback on as well in the future)
Music Hall 9.1 TT
PS Audio GPCH modified phono-preamp
Von Schweikert Purple Line interconnects

I have tripped over myself in this hobby by being component savvy but sometimes forgetting what I was really seeking which was an emotional-musical experience. You might have experienced this issue as well. It has been the most frustrating and costly issue I have experienced since I started this hobby over 15 years ago. You combine all of your great components and high dollar speakers but are still left unsatisfied. I have had several hi end power cords in my system, all of which I liked. These included the Synergistic Research Hologram D, Synergistic Research Precision AC, Lessloss Signature, Morrow Audio MAP 3 and the PS Audio P10. All of these power cords were good performers in my system that brought certain benefits. As with all components there are draw backs unique to each system. All of the above brought me to a certain point in power delivery but not quite where I wanted to be. The point of the post is to explain what I have achieved in my system with the Von Schweikert Master Built “STANDARD” Power Cords that I did not achieve with the other power cords.
I am not an electrical or acoustic engineer and you probably aren’t either but I wanted to provide just the basics of the power cord from their literature: >>>> The Von Schweikert Master Built power cords are made with 99.9999% pure Laboratory-Grade Single Crystal copper, with Teflon-insulated Litz-design conductors wound in a Helical Spiral. This design can be thought of as a multiple run of solid core conductors, with a winding geometry designed to reduce and eliminate magnetic field distortion and reactance.<<<< The wire was developed at the request of NASA by Delphi Aerospace engineers and used in the space program.

Importantly, our audio systems are hungry for clean, stable and uninterrupted power: the better the power the better the sound. I know the readers of audio posts; audiophile magazines and various forums are fully aware of or are learning of the importance of clean flowing power and its effect on the sound quality. I would go as far as stating that it a requirement to have a great system and the starting point that affects the other links. Important to remember, we gain knowledge as we experiment and I believe many audiophiles including myself have changed components over and over again trying to elevate their system’s sound quality when in fact the power supply foundation was never right. It is like not seeing the forest for the trees. Paul McGowan of PS Audio has lots to say about ac power and its effect on the sound quality we are or are not getting from our systems. It is also the reason why audiophiles spend big dollars on power cords and power conditioners!

Moving on, after about 150 hours of burn in time and considerable evaluations in my home with friends I decided to share some thoughts. I added three Von Schweikert Master Built “STANDARD” power cords in my system. One connected to each Bob Carver mono-block and one connected to my P5 ac regenerator.

So here is the number one achievement. The Von Schweikert Master Built “STANDARD” power cords enabled my system to produce more “natural sounding music” . I didn’t find myself picking apart the music presentation and trying to determine where the shortcomings were. The music just flowed smoothly and effortlessly. The foot tapping came naturally which is a sign to me that something sounds right.

Secondly, my system became “energized without edginess or harshness”. There is a sense of power, realness and liveliness to the music that locks you into the event, whether a live or studio recording. For example, during an evaluation session we played Eva Cassidy’s Live a Blues Alley and there was the enhanced effect of feeling like I was setting in the concert at a table with friends having a drink and listening to her sing. My friends were blown away by the realism of the live recording. We had more of the concept of a stage in front of us and the distance between the audience and the stage. This is a really cool affect. I liken this to the Star Trek transporter that beamed people and items aboard the Enterprise. At first there was a haze and then the outline of something started to form. Upon completion the person or item appeared. Power cords can enhance the focus, image and realness of the music. The Master Built Standard power cords did this at a higher level than the previous power cord I have tried.

Thirdly, the timbre of instruments sounded more lifelike which delivered a more natural presentation. The placement of instruments in the passage is apparent but yet they flow together across the frequency ranges to produce great sounding music.

Lastly, the bass is deeper and more controlled. I was getting good bass out of all of the power cords I have tried but the Master Built Standards took this up a notch. The bass is deeper , more controlled but smoother. Good bass adds something special to the listening experience.
Simply put the Master Built power cords have elevated the music and that in a nutshell is what it is all about. I am very picky about what I add to my system and I am sure you are as well. I could have returned the Master Built Standard power cords; no question asked just another experiment. However, I plan on adding the Master Built power cords to my DAC and transport when the funds become available. The synergy of these power cords make a difference in my system.