Von Schweikert LCR-15 or B&W HTM2

I have B&W 804's in the front and von schweikert VR-1's in back , trying to decide between the HTM and the LCR. Obviously the HTM is the match however I can get the LCR for a better deal, thoughts?
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Do you want a deal or good sound? Sorry but VSR only assembles speakers they do not design anything. I can see how they could possibly compare to B&W. I have listened to VRS many times & they sound good but I would never buy a pair.
I would opt for the B&W so I could keep the sonic characteristics all the same. Mixing brands isnt going to allow all the speakers to blend. The same tweeter thru out the ht system is essential to getting the best integration.
Try your vr-1s as a center to test and see how well or poorly they match.
Krellm7 I speak with Kevin Malmgren of Von Schweikert Audio, the VP of engineering and design just about weekly.
Please share your knowledge and insight that "VSR(?sp- should be VSA)"only assembles speakers they do not design anything" statement. Also curious which model(s) VSA you've listened to "many times". Just curious.

SkClarey, I would suggest you pick up 3 LCR 15's for your fronts. Absolutely dynamite!

Krellm7 works for a dealer, and most likely a B&W dealer, he should be making that clear when he bashes a competitor (wrongly) so that everyone knows the real potential bias.
Me "bashing" speakers is in now way going to affect sales I just don't see how someone who makes speakers in his basement can maker a better speaker than B&W,paradigm,martin logan,dynaudio,vandersteen,magnepan,thiel the list goes on & on. Obviously you own Von Scheweikert's (sorry to hear that) so you will not want to hear the truth. Go out & listen to some live music sometime mabye you will learn how to listen.
You would be best to go with the B&W for your front. It would be a better match in tone and balance to the front. That is of course that you will want to hold onto your 804's. To the remark by one that they did not see how someone who makes speakers in his basement can not make a better speaker then B&W and the likes. Most all highly reqarded products got there start in someones basement or small lab. It is the whole concept of building a better mouse trap. You don't have to grow your own oranges to sell good ones. By the by, I have both VSA and b&w speakers.
It is best to have your speakers all voiced the same there for I would recomend the HTM2.