Von Schweikert DB99

Has anyone heard them? I've heard the DB100 and thought that the imaging was vague, and that there was a general lack of coherency to the sound. The DB99 is supposed to be the cat's meow and I'm wondering if the deficiencies in the DB100 have been addressed. I'll be powering them with Sophia Electric 845 amps and using a Mark Levinson 390S for the source. Your comments would be appreciated!
Only a few of the dB99's on display at the moment but they are HOT! As a VSA dealer and owner of a beautiful pair of dB99's I couldn't be more pleased by their sonic character performance and cosmetics. For a accurate review of these wonderful speakers that almost no one has heard (CES may be their coming out party) see www.stereotimes.com and search for the Von Schweikert dB99's article by Clement Perry.

Contact VSA for your closest dealer.

I have them and they are the best speaker I have heard. I have driven them with a DK VS 1 MK 2 and have had great sucess with a Consonance integrated. I have a pair of Cyber 211's coming this week. I have had Talon Khorus X's, Magnepan 3.6, and lots of other good speakers. None of them had the ease, soundstage or bass response. I am also a dealer, but more of an enthusiast. I agree with Jack. Get to your closest VSA dealer and hear them. Brian
Sophia Electric 845 amplifiers should have no problem to drive this new speaker model.
>Sophia Electric 845 amplifiers should have no problem to drive this new speaker model.<

New? Are you kidding now?