Von Schweikert Audio VR-4

Does anyone have any opinion on the first generation of this speaker from around 1995? It looks like it's a little on big size space-wise, but I'm wondering how the sound quality is now quite awhile after it was released. I'm contemplating looking for a used set. Any input is appreciated. thanks
Great soundstage,very full-bodied.Very good all-around speaker.Might be best to mate it to something a little forward-not dark.
I just agreed to buy a pair locally, which I am picking up on Saturday. Looking forward to seeing how they sound with my system.
Did you do your homework and audition good speakers?
I owned the VR4 Silver from 96-99 and thought they were very good speakers indeed. They have prodigious bass capability, so don't try to fit them in a small room. And you might have to play around with tuning the ports to your room and taste. Lastly, I thought they sounded better with medium to high powered tube amps. They aren't the last word in resolution, but present a big, bold sound that is highly impressive with large scale music. You probably won't be disappointed.

Agreed. I owned the original version for many, many years and thoroughly enjoyed them. The only drawback is they are little light in the midbass, and lack that percusssive power or "punch" when it comes to drums, bass plucks, etc.
I'm flying blind on this one - the reviews I could find all sounded pretty positive, and they are (relatively) cheap, so I figured I might as well give them a go. I just sold an amp, so I figured why not. Of course, now I'll have something like 5 pairs of speakers, but hey, one of these days I'll get around to selling some them...
Hi Mainer8,

I think you will be happy with your purchase. I have the vr 4 gen iii's that I have never really been satisfied with in comparsion to my other speakers. However I believe it to be my room and set-up more than the speakers. I have a good friend who has the original vr 4 like you purchased, being driven by rogue magnum 120 amps and I clearly have enjoyed many nights listening to his. So I don't know if the old sounds better than the new, but it does in my case.
Hope they work great for you.

Did you pick them up on Saturday? If so what do you think?


I got them on Saturday, but didn't get a chance to hook them up until last night. I nearly killed myself getting them up to my 4th floor condo, but am glad I did. They sound great - only problem is they really have some serious bass, which I am kind of worried may bug my neighbors, since I could hear them on the landing outside my apartment even though they didn't sound very loud. But they do sound pretty awesome with the krell stuff. I would describe them as very musical - I'm listening to some Sigur Ros right now, and it sounds great. They sound better at lower volumes than my dali's, and they really sing when turned up too. I'm happy with the purchase.
You didn't mention you were putting these in an apartment. Probably NOT a good idea....;-}}

I've actually decided to part with these speakers due to size issues - if anyone is interested in getting them, I've listed it on the for sale section of audiogon. They do sound great, but they really are too big for a one bedroom apartment, or at least one where I live with somebody else.