Von Schweikert Anniversary 5 Mk 1 Tweeter

I damaged the right tweeter moving my VSA Anniversary 5 speakers. The screen is slightly distorted & depressed.

Has anyone repaired/replaced this tweeter? Is it available only from VSA?
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IIRC, the VSA uses a ScanSpeak 1 inch Revelator Ring Dome Tweeter. Not sure of VSA does any modification prior to instalation.
Thank you Brf

It is the ScanSpeak 2409/7000-00. Ordered it today from Madisound.
Oops...ScanSpeak 2904/7000-00. I transposed the #'s.
Does VSA use the stock tweeter w/o modification? I was also told that you should always change tweeters in pairs if they are not from the same production run. What did VSA say?