Von Schweikert 4SR...bi-wire or Remote Sense?

I am currently using Von Schweikert 4SRs bi-wired w/ Speltz cables as fed by a Spectron Musician IIISE amp. I have no complaints with this set up. I have the opportunity to buy some Remote Sense cables specifically designed for Spectron...but they are in a single-wire configuration. My question is: would the single-wire Remote Sense option be any better/worse than the current bi-wire set up I'm using now? What say you, from experience or theory?
I have the SRs and think they have always sounded better biwired. You have a pretty unique situation there and I would be surprised if you can find someone who has gone from Speltz to the Remote Sense cables with the Spectron and the VR4SRs, but who knows maybe you'll luck out. I think you are gonna be the guinea pig on this one though.

In theory if most say the Remote Sense wires are substantially better than most with the Spectron then what you will gain will be more than what you will loose by not biwiring. Biwiring is better but far from the end all be all upgrade. I would take way better speaker cables, single wired any day.
Thanks Ejlif. Of course, the easy though slightly risky path would be to just buy the Remote Sense cables (used - about 60 cents on the dollar), try and keep or resale. Decisions, decisions.
I have the new MK2 Spectron with my B&W 803D. Currently I have them bi-wired with a double run of Audioquest Gibraltar. I was wondering myself if I should perhaps use the Remote Sense Cables for the low end and the Gibraltar's for the mid/high end to get the 'best of both worlds' as the RSC can account for distortion at the speaker itself and reads the voltage at the speaker.
Nick778: Hmmmmm. If I were you, I'd run your idea past Simon at Spectron if you haven't already. Please let us know how your idea pans out.
I have and he doesn't quite know the answer. When John is available, I plan to ask him.

I had my Maggies 3.6 bi-wired with Nordost Red Dawn Rev II prior to getting the Remote Sense. The Remote Sense brings much more clarity and control to the sound. This cable sounds as if there is no cable between the amp and the speakers.

The Musician III SE allows you to run the Remote Sense with another cable as a bi-wire configuration. For instance, the Remote Sense can be connected to the mid-range and tweeter, and another cable can go to the bass driver. I tried this configuration with the Red Dawns. The problem was that the Nordost cable is bi-wire and I could only connect two of its four connectors. So I think I was missing some of the signal. In any case, the character (or lack of character) of the Remote Sense didn't allow for a good match between cables. That's something to take into account if running the Remote Sense with another cable. The other cable must be fast, taught and clean.

I ended up just using the Remote Sense for as long as I had one amp. I now have two M3 SE in mono-block configuration and the Remote Sense cannot be used in this setup. So I had to let go of this great cable.