Von Schweikert 4jr cables?

I need to buy cables for my 4jr. This will be a long run (16'), so I some cables that I could afford for a short run will be too expensive for this length. I'd also like to biwire, since VSA recommends that so highly, and this of course will add to the cost. Right now I have a pair of Golden Tube SE40s used as monoblocks for 80 watts per channel, but I may experiment later with more powerful amps.

Any suggestions? Thanks!
Why not consider longer interconnects and short speaker cable? A good pair 16ft ICs are going to be much less expensive that good biwire speaker cables.
I'm running AudioQuest CV-6 double bi-wire to my Jr's. I'm getting a larger soundstage and more transparency compared to the Analysis Plus Oval 12's I had before. Are you happy with the sound of your current cable/amp/speaker combo?
Contact Paul Garner at Von Schweikert. He makes his own brand of cables called Verbatim, and they mate wonderfully with VSA speakers. His speaker cables are a ribbon design and sound absolutely top-rate. They're reasonably affordable too. Worth looking into.
I'm using Alpha Core Goertz MI2 with silver spades that sound pretty good. I will be auditioning other cables in the near future, not because I'm unhappy with the MI2's, but just to hear how the jr's sound with these other cables since i've only used the MI2s with my jr's.
www.graniteaudio.com Their room at CES was the best sounding with the VR4Jrs, even better than the VS room.
You may want to try the Speltz Anti_Cables. Forget the fact that they're a "bargain". These cables are wonderful.
Thanks for all the replies, guys.

1) Why not long interconnects? Mostly because there really aren't good spots for the amps to go near the speakers. Also I have heard the argument that the smaller line-level signal is more likely to be degraded over a long run than the more powerful signal from the power amp. Seems reasonable but perhaps is not true. Any thoughts?

2) Am I happy with my current combo? I am setting up a new system in a new house; am using cheap Rat Shack speaker wire (basically zip cord) while I position the speakers and then buy some better cables.

3) My budget? Not totally fixed, but I am hoping for under a thousand; could go a little more, but multi-thousand dollar cables are definitely out.

Check out Analysis Plus Shotgun bi-wire, if you shop around you should be able to be close to your budget target.
Analysis Plus is used (for internal wiring) in many VSA speaker models including the new $8k VR4Sr's. Albert VS has called the Analysis Plus speaker cables the sweetest cables cost no object around and he's used them at many a "Show" to demo his speakers. The Bi-Oval 12's and 9's are terrific and perhaps within your budget limits.

I'd check in with your local VR4jr dealer for suggestions and who perhaps can offer brand "samples" for you to try. Also, contact Paul Garner at VSA (as above), or Rusty Taub at VSA (Audiotion) for preferences.
VSA is extremely customer service friendly so you might speak with Kevin Malmgren who helped engineer the "jrs", and ask him for suggestions based on system and room synergy. Who knows, Albert VS may just "pick up"!

Good luck in your search!
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I am using the Verbatim cables with Vr -7 SE and are excellent. Bested cables 4 times there amount. Contact Paul Garner at Von Schweikert