Von Schweikert 4 Jrs, Rear Tweeter settings?

The folks that have these are deal with them, how do you set the rear tweeter? That is what level do you find best.

I have turned it off at times but I feel something lacking then. But there is a hint of smearing when its on.

Do you bi-wire these? Does it make very much difference?

Please tell me of your experiences with them.


Dr. Ken
I have the VR4GENIIISE. The rear tweeter adds depth and focus to the sound stage. You would adjust according to your room set up. Experiment with it. Example, if the speakers are out quite a bit from the front and side walls you may like a little more volume. I have mine bi-wired with cables that bring out the best from each module. Have cables that make the mid's and highs sound great but aren't the best for low end resolution and vice versa.

Thank God there is someone else in the world that is asking this same question. I posted this a year ago and got a lot of answers. I had the hardest time figuring it out and no one else seemed to have a problem. My dealer who I trust recommends anywhere from 1/2 to 2. Anything more and the smear is too much anything less and it sounds too dry. I like 2 if you can get away with it.


I'm a dealer for Von Schweikert and have played around with the VRjr's quite a bit. The speakers sound best in our shop shotgun bi-wired. It does make a very nice improvement in transparency and coherence. The only deal is that you need to use the SAME cable for both the lower and the upper frequencies or you can hear discontinuities.

I prefer the reat tweeter set to its' "minimum on" operating position. Try sticking your ear to the rear tweeter and listen when it just comes on. That is the most perfect blend we have found in our room. As always, YMMV.

I own both the VR4 Gen IIISE, VR4jr, and the 2. For front channel use, I never use the rear tweeter, feeling that damage is done to image solidity and focus. (I also do not really like any dipole for this reason, feeling the back wave of any driver is technically 100% distortion. No matter how "spacious" the sound becomes).
Although, I do use the rear tweeter on the rear channels, feeling it does indeed add some space behind the listener. Go figure...
Main surround system, NO PICTURE, SACD only, is the 4SE's in front, 4jr's in the rear, no center.