Von Schweikert 3.5's and tubes?

I just picked up these speakers and I'm powering them with a P.S Audio hca-2. I was just wondering if these speakers would sound better with a tube amp. I posted a thread earlier about bi-amping with tubes for the mid/highs and keeping the P.S Audio for the bass. Too much work for little or no return. How about selling the hca-2 and investing in a good tube amp? I'm not saying it doesn't sound great now. I just got the bug and I am always looking for....hell, I dont know. Anyways thanks for listening and any advise on amps (tube or ss) would be great.
I have the VR-4's latest version, so there are some similarities.
Recently I was pretty amazed by the value that the Belles gear brings to the table.
The VS speakers generally are warm sounding, so a fast clean amp won't leave you with a cold sound. The Belles, at $1500 is a great buy, or the 350a 250wpc is amazingly good for the money. Clean, very deep bass, but smooth like tubes, (nothing is like tubes exactly, but tubes) but you get the idea. I am using a Gryphon, SS Integrated, 100wpc and it is wonderful. Musical is the best word to describe VS. The VAC Avatar, which I used to own, is a great integrated, and will drive them, depending on your listening tastes, and room size. Choices for such a great speaker is really fun. You are picking a flavor to match or enhance the most colored of all the personalities in your system. Any of the above, and many more will do well.
The Spectron Digital amp is 500wpc, and that is what VS used to 'voice' the VR-4 HSE that I have, a similar speaker to yours, at least the same family. That is one of the cheapest wpc dates on the planet.
Good listening.
Thanks for your response Larry. What are your source components,wires,etc. I love my VS's. I just think they can sound better with better electronics. These are probably the most musical speakers I've owned and I would love to get even more out of them. I think some tubes in the chain might get me even closer. If not, what the hell, this stuff is blast.
Hi There:
i also just picked up a pair of VS vr3.5's a couple of month ago,WOW what a speaker,by far the best i've heard,currently i'm driving them with a sim audio moon i-5 integrated at 70 w/c ss and the sound is just incredible,very detailed yet refined and open,dynamic and powerful tight bottom end,hope this helps.
good luck!.Al
p.s.my source components are resolution audio