Von Scheikert VR4-Jr/ lead shot?

I have heard different thoughts about the amount of lead shot to add to the VR4-Jrs. On Audiogon a while back a lot of people said 25 lbs. per speaker. In the manuel it recommends 50 lbs. per speaker. One person wrote me that he din't prefer the speakers with the lead shot. I think that it is important to have it. Since a little time has passed how much do you prefer? Thanks
I talked to Kevin? I think it was at VS. He said they use 50lbs per speaker at the New York show. It sounds much better with the lead shot in my jrs.

There is a thread that covers this in good detail. I think that 30lbs ea is almost as much as they can take.
Although the speaker will hold more than 50lbs, it sounds best with that amount. #7 lead shot works very well. Bass and image focus tighten up a great deal.

where did you hear 30lbs is all they can take?