Von Gaylord Speakers

Has anybody heard or have there new speakers the vG one plus. How do they size up to others Aerial wilson von S. Thanks. I have there smaller speakers and find them to be very good.
Hi, I just got the VG1 speakers around 3 weeks now. I had the Legend speakers, the one before the VG1. After listening for around 1 week to the VG1 speaker, I put back the old Legend speakers and Wow! What a difference the new speakers was! On the old speaker the sound stage was all over the place, it sounded muffeled. It sounded junk!!! And before I thought they sounded very good. The new speaker is so much clearer, bigger soundstage, big sound. Wow! I never thought it would sound so good. Right now I am listening to all my CDs, a lot of them I didn't play for years. The infomation that I'm hearing, I never heard before. I am so happy with my new speakers that I am upgrading my Dac from the Music Reference to the Uni Signature Dac. You should give it a try, I gurantee you you can never listen to your old speakers again, you will say, how could I listen to these and think that they were sounding very good!!! Good luck........Warren
Hi again, I forgot to tell you that before I had the Legend Speakers, (this was 8/09/05 when I received the Legend speakers) I had a pair of ProAc Response 5 speakers. When I bought the Legend Speakers I listened to them for 1 week and put the ProAc Response 5 back, the Legend was better on vocals and on instrumentals they were about the same. The next week I sold the ProAc Response 5 Speakers. I never thought I would sell those speakers. I thought that I would keep them forever. My friend Jack told me to try the Legend Speakers and he was right. He is the same friend that told me to try the VG 1 plus speakers and he was right again. Thanks,Jack, I owe this all to you.
Thanks for the imput Warren . Ray is coming over this week with the VG1 and the VG1 plus looking forward to listening to them. I will call him him and see if he can bring over his uni signature dac to.let you know how it sounds compared to his music ref. dac.