Volume Settings on Squeezebox Touch and other ???

How would one disable the volume output on the Squeezebox touch? I have the tab highlighting 'no volume control' within the Squeezebox menu but still I can control the volume of the squeezebox via the remote. I want to be able to totally defeat the volume on the Squeezebox and run a fixed output to my DAC.

Secondly, the running order on my tracks is off. The CD's I have ripped never play in the same running order as the original CD, any suggestions?
....it would be okay for the squeezebox's to touch ...never had a problem with that
You can check the Squeezebox touch forum on the Slimdevices website to confirm but I'm pretty sure that there is no way to lock the volume at 100% like you can on the SB3. The only way to do it is to
leave the volume at 100% and that's it.

As far as your track listing issue goes, I would guess you have shuffle on. If shuffle is on it will play the disc you pick in random order.
Has anyone played around with an equalizer plugin for the Touch? I wish SB had one built in, but they don't.

I think Audiojedi is right about the volume function.
You could try this patch. Despite forgetting to turn up the digital volume a few times, I haven't found this a big enough problem for me to bother. I just make sure the volume is at 100% before doing any serious listening.
Thanks guys,

I boggle my own mind sometimes...sure enough I had the tracks on shuffle...yikes what a noobie mistake. Don't understand how you can't have a fixed output for the digital though. By changing the volume I'm sensing their is probably a very cheap volume pot inside that could be messing around with fidelity. How can a digital product which isn't decoding PCM be controlling the volume?
The volume change is done in the digital domain. As long as you have the volume set at 100% there is no effect on the sound.
I don't have a Touch but a MW Transporter ... I assume you are running Squeezebox server on a pc. In the Settings page, I think it's the Audio tab, set digital volume to 100% fixed and now you can use your preamp or DAC to control the volume.

If it's variable and since volume is in the digital domain, you will lose resolution.
Wow! Even SB3 has a fixed setting. I guess only option is setting volume to 100%

I hope there's a replacement for the Transporter. I like all the features, AES/EBU digital input, analog XLR output ...