volume setting for ipod mini hooked to integrated

i have the ipod mini hooked to mambo integrated, how high do i set the level on the ipod and on the amp. if i have the volume on ipod way down i have to crank the amp, if other way around i dont have to turn up amp too high. what is going to give the best sound? thanks for your help.
Um, what sounds best to you???

In general, you don't want to overdrive either iPod or amp, so I'd start somewhere in the middle, then experiment raising one or the other. There's probably a good-sized range where it doesn't really matter, and as long as you're in that range you're ok.

But your own ears are your best judge on something like this. Trust 'em.
Er, which sounds better to you?
Buy an ipod dock so you can bypass the volume control. That's the first step towards better sound from your device.
whe you put the ipod in the ipod base and connect the headphone jack to the base, it outputs a "line level" signal which is what you want. then you dont have to worry about the volume setting
I've heard that you don't want to set the iPod above 60-70% - potential significant distortion above that point.
thx for all of your responses! so i would just put the ipod into the base, then connect the base with the amp by the rca's? i dont understand connecting the headphone jack to the base though. all my listening while at home will be through the amp and speakers not headphones. If i get the base is it a big step up in sound quality? again thank you all this helps me! ps how much does the base cost?
sorry but do you have to plug the dock in for listening to music? i assume you need to plug it in to charge it but to listen? the reason i ask is because i have only one outlet right now and that is for the amp. the others are too far away! and i dont want to use any kind of power strip. thx!
In the stereophile review of the ipod they claimed that the base's line out much of much highter quality that the sound from the headphone jacks. i personally have my ipod connected in that manner and find it to work wonderfully. as for being connected to the A/C i think you shouldnt worry about some sort of extension cord for plugging in the ipod, as its electrical draw from the wall is very low, so the extention wouldnt degrade sound quality
thx, SY is one of my fave bands by the way!