Volume problems

I recently purchased an older-model Simaudio Celeste i-5 integrated amp, a near-new Simaudio Equinox cd-player, Nordost Blue Heaven interconnects and some high quality speaker cables leading to my existing Coincident Triumph monitor speakers. My problem is that even at the lowest volume setting, music (on most CD's anyway) comes through too loud to be able to enjoy conversation at the same time. Other than volume, the sound is absolutely wonderful. Does anyone have any ideas as to what might be causing the volume problem?
does your cd player have its own volume control?
No, it doesn't.
maybe try hooking it up to other inputs to see if that helps.
I just read a SoundStage review that says that on the Celeste i-5, input A4 is a HT bypass and has no volume control -- also that it is not marked as such so users need to be careful... So if you're using A4 you really have no volume control and need to switch to a different input. Have you tried a different input?