Volume on HT not what you think it should be?

This may seem stupid to some but I feel it may be of benefit for others so here goes....
I was watching a concert in 2 channel and an Audiogon friend was over and asked me to turn it up, now I am bi-amping with 400 watt amps yet volume was maxed out and I started thinking about it and wanted more.
Turns out when I set up the Processor I really kept everything at 0 gain as a starting point so it hit me to go to the highest gain settings for each speaker possible while maintaining even levels with the Rat Shak SPL meter, this is a HUGE improovement taking the "choke" off the speaker gain, it really can go much louder. After I set the unit up I brought it up to a friend and it dawned on him that his was set with low gain so he went in and did what I did and had great results aswell. Now I know the big brains here will probably think I am an idiot for not doing this sooner or not knowing I had it set a little wrong for so long and thats cool, nut after I ran it across my friend I figured a few others may "gain" from this idea.
God Bless America this Memorial Day!
These processors have the power of a PC and the features that are almost infinite.....but they have the interface worse than a digital watch....no surprises!

The one feature I like most is that my DSP resets volume levels when shut down. Another feature is that I can program a maximum volume setting.

Having twice blown speakers in the past due to someone else (daughter/friend) making a mistake with volume settings because they were not connected to the right source.....these features are worth having!