Volume on AVM20

Ive recentley purchased a used AVM20 on the GON. Seems in great shape. sound and features pretty much liveing up to hype, and expectations. However, Im finding that in order to get a volume that Im happy with, with all material, cd,s DVDs TV,ect... I a feel as if Im haveing to turn that dail up to at least 10 before Im getting the volume I want. Im talking reasonably loud but not really. Its not pushing anywhere near what most people would consider tooo loud. But I feel that since there is not far to go between 10 and louder am I starting to push the limits of the AVm20, If so then Im worried about clipping my amp, which will go much louder and handle more than I feel Im giveing it with AVM20. In fact I know it will with differant PRE but same speakers weve been waaay past this level Im describing to you. Is this the typical decible level of the avm20 or would you suggest there could be something else going on?
Speakers: Von Schwikeirt VR4 HSE III
AMP: Bel-Canto evo200.2 and Belles 150A Hotrod tried them both with same results.
Speakerwire: Kimber with some decent enough cables.
I guess I want to know is this normal and can I take the AVM20 up any more in volume without clipping something?
Thanks, Map1
I ran into this with several other Pre-Pro's myself. That is, one had to have the unit almost wide open before suitable volume was reached. Whether or not this is strictly psychological or not, nobody likes this.

While you mention the figure "10", what does the volume control on this unit track up to? Is "0" as high as it goes or does it go into the "+X" range? Sean
FWIW my AVM2 lists the volume range as -95.5 to +31.5. I run normal TV and background music at about -17 and movies at -10.
My Rotel does the same thing, I never worried about it though, and when you said you dont listen to what is considered too loud you dont need to worry about clipping
Thanks for the technical specifics willhiteb. The next question to Map1 is whether he's running the volume on the AVM20 at +10 or at -10. There's a big difference between the two. Even then, the way that some of these manufacturers mark the gradient scale on the volume controls is pretty random at best.

One would think that with the very wide scale that Anthem is using on this model, anything below "0" would be an attenuated signal, "0" would basically act as a "neutral gain pass through" and anything above "0" would add gain to the signal. I'm strictly guessing here though. Sean
Hi, Did you go into the setup menu and adjust the sgnal strength in using the level adjustment and the vertical input level guageing system. It is to set volume levels so they can be all the same volume levels when switching components. If your input levels are to low you would have to turn up the volume. Too high and you will overload the frontend of the preamplifier section. For details check the owners manual.
Good point Motorpsychos. Not being intimately familiar with this unit, someone speaking from familiarity is bound to help clear things up.

As a side note, does this unit have an analogue pass-through or all signals converted to digital? I can't see having an analogue pass through AND having to adjust the input signals simultaneously. Sean
I had this problem the first time I had my (now gone) AVM-20...there's a setup option somewhere that will let you increase the volume of the inputs, or fine tune the general gain range of the volume control. Sorry for being vague (ok I admit this might be absolutely useless, if it is, sorry), I don't have the processor anymore so I can't check, but it's in the setup somewhere so you can raise the volume range controlled by the knob.

By the way, it does have Analog-Direct, but as a 2-channel preamp isn't spectacular, at least it wasn't when I tried it out in my 2-channel system. Better than most, yes, but not exceptional...then again, that's not what it's designed to do.
Sean, It counts down to zero, zero being the loudest. Its counting down from like 50 or something near that, which is why Im a little concernd. Those VR,s have to be bi-wired, and I cant really tell how hard Im pushing the amp, because it gets to 10 in a hurry.
Willhiteb, Thanks, that pretty much is right were I am also. 17 is comfortable with music, and 10 is about exactly what Im running for movies. So I feel better and, now Im going to play around a bit and see what she'll give me if I want it with the Bel-Canto amp. I think all is well with the Anthem. Thanks again everyone.
Chadnliz, thanks for the help. I was wanting to listen to it much louder than I was at the time. But I wanted to get feedback on the norm for most peoples experiences with it first. Now I feel Ok about cranking up the volume, which is exactly how I like it. With some common since, and a few exceptions though, I like to feeel it. Thanks again
I want to thank all of you for the responses. I did check out the input volumes durring the set up menues, and that was an outstanding comment. Im extreamly happy with this peace of equipment now that that Im aware of what most of you seem to be experiencing as normal. Of course you know I said I havent had it very long, so now Im starting to really try to zero it on the room. Mostley for movies, but does very well with music also. I think anyway. Thanks again
I own the AVM2 not the 20 but the volume range is the same in the manual which is available at anthemav.com.

Others are right in that you CAN balance the output source to source. Of course in my infinite laziness, I never bothered to do this. I'm a set it and forget it kinda fool. So -17 for normal listening and -10 for DVD's and "loud music" is reasonable and well within the specs of the product.

My advice is to print the manual. Fairly well written stuff.

Geez. I just checked mine and it goes down to the advertised -95.5 but not above +10. But I probably set the upper limit to eliminate the "drunken stupor" factor....hehe