Volume Level

Hello GoNeRs,
Here I am with another question and hopefully like all the other tines you guy will lead me to the right direction.as i was listening to vinyl tonight and notice that my right speaker is louder then my left,but sound even on CD player. could this be the tube in my separate phono pre? or something else?..thanks guy
Could be the setting of the antiskate. Could be other things, but I have forgotten them. Good luck.
Unless you were playing a mono LP it may mean nothing.
Does this consistently happen on every record? It could be your cartridge alignment, tracking force, or antiskate as mentioned above. It could even be an issue with the cartidge itself. You may want to look at the documentation for your cartridge and arm to make sure everything is set up correctly. I should probably don my flame retardant suit before saying this, but this is one reason why I love having a preamp with balance controls.
It could well be a tube in the phono pre- try switching the tubes from left to right etc and see if the imbalance changes.
If swapping tubes doesn't produce results then check cartridge alignment. See if you can find the image by moving to the left from your listening position. If it seems to be there but a foot or so off center you should be able to adjust this back to center. Find the azimuth adjustment on your tonearm, try making small adjustments and then listen for the change. You should be able to pull the image to the center this way.
Try to swap the L and R channel phono cable and see if the sound is consistantly lower on one side. It can then help you determine of it is from source or your phono section.
Dear Trhp: Listen to a mono LP, like Eldartford suggest, and tell us what happen.

The S23chang advise is a very good one too.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Thanks every one for all the helpful suggestion.I did try a few more albums today and some of them imaging just right,and some have uneven volume level on both speakers.i guess it just the recording..thanks for all the help..
It's your azimuth. Do you have a gimbal or unipivot tonearm? Is you table level? In fact, what kind of table, arm, and cartridge is it?
It could be the tubes. try to switch the tubes and if it moves then you can isolate the weak tube.

It could also be the cartridge. Get a tester and put it on 100ohms both channels should have almost the same reading if one channel is drastically way off then the cart's coil is ready to open. before you know it one channel will be dead.