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Hi, I recently hook up my 2 channels system again and found out something I didn't notice before. The problem is whatever sources I input to the pre amp and power amp which are Audio Research SP10 and D125, I can only turn the volume about 9-10 o'clock position. The sound is too lound from my B&W 805. Anything wrong? Any idea?

The efficiency of your speakers may be too high for more flexibility with the output gain of the SP10. You can do two things. 1) Engage the switch on the front panel which lowers the gain of incoming signals 6db. 2)Or put in a fix attenuator, like those made by Rothwell which have 10db reduction. The benefit of this is that you will be lowing the noise floor of your SP10 - say good by to the hiss which is noticible with high efficiency speakers. I used both methods with speakers with a 92db efficiency. I got by OK with 86db speakers (+a bit of noise) by using the switch on the SP10.

Hope that helps.
very helpful information, but first I must say sorry about my SP10. It is SP8 instead, so I don't have the switch. Option 2 is good cause I hate the hiss sound from my speakers, where can I buy the fix attenuator? Will it downgrade my sound quality?
thanks ahead.
If there is a degredation in the signal from the insertion of a Rothwell 10db attenuator I really don't hear it. It is after all just a single resistor (encased in a rlug with male and female RCA's) put in the line. You place it at the amp and there is minimal, if any change, in the impedence values either. You can buy them on the internet for about $60 a pair. Use Google to ID a merchant. If you can't find one let me know.
I was going to buy the Rothwell some time ago and a smart and trusted friend advised me of how cheap its parts are so just a caution you can do better (he made me a pair for $100 that actually had $100 in parts each res was $8.00 I think.)
hey Newbee, do you know where I can get a pair in NYC. I mean if it doesn't fix my problem, I can return it.
Sorry, haven't got a clue. I doubt that they are retailed by B&M stores.
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Hey Bob, I really interesting. But is 20db what i need or 10db? And how can I contact you?
click his name and you can email him
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