Volume increasing and decreasing on preamp

I have an old B&K Reference 5 S2 preamp. I don't use the remote controller, lost it. One time my preamp increased it's volume from around -22dB to -8dB and I stopped it before it got any louder. On a Computer Audiophile forum I was told there is somany stray IR beams going around it could have been that. That was about a few weeks ago. Today it did just the opposite and went from -24dB to -40 dB. I running my music thru a MakBookPro 2013 with an ifi nano DAC using Audirvana_Plus in place of iTunes. I leave the volume control on it to almost max.I I bought the orca caps and used them on unused rca plugin on pre amp would the remedy the issue?
Sounds like stray IR signals. Could be from any number of

You could try a "Factory Reset". From the manual:

Sometimes a factory reset is necessary in order to clear
problematic symptoms sometimes experienced in the

A factory reset will clear all system settings, and all
presets. A factory reset will also clear any information
backed up onto the EEPROM that may have been
accomplished by a Memory Backup.

Simultaneously press and release the ON/STANDBY,
DOWN and LEVEL buttons. Once you see "Format
Filesys" on the front panel you can release the buttons.

A Factory Reset will erase the memory backup.
FACTORY RESET will take approximately 60 seconds to

There is also a way to do an "IR LOCK". Since you're not
using the remote, I'd lock the IR sensor. The manual says
the procedure is under the Advanced Security Menu.
Try a piece of tape over the IR receiver
Your lost remote is in your chair. Once in a while you sit just right...or wrong...