Volume Controll on DVD/SACD players

I am looking for a Player that can have its 2 channel outputs connected directly to a 2 ch amp, and the 5.1 outputs connected directly to a 5 ch amp and subwoofer. because I do not want a preamp/processor, I need a player which has variable volume control on all of these channels. It is always unclear when reading specs on different units. The only unit that looks as if it can do the job is the Cary Audio Design Unit. However, this unit has no SACD. Can anyone suggest alternatives?
I've seen even low-end, off-brand units like, Lasonic, which have 5.1 analog outs and a built-in volume control. But I don't think I've seen a unit that have 5.1 analog outs, that ALSO had a separate pair of 2 channel outs. Is that what you are asking? 5.1 analog AND 2 channel, but NOT shared? Most will just expect you to use the L/R of the 5.1 analog outs to drive a 2 channel setup. Users with a 2 channel and 3 channel amp, naturally wouldn't mind. But someone with a 2 channel amp, and a sencond 5 channel amp WOULD mind.
Check Wadia, they use to have variable balanced and unbalanced outs. Also, my old Sony Reference CD player has a variable output control for just that 2 channel setup. I'm not sure if the new Sony SACD player has the same variable outputs as the old ones.... SACD is Sony's baby, I heard the SACD 5.1 format at CES, so I'd keep looking HARD at Sony's products to offer this... I BELIEVE that their flagship offers Variable 2 channel SACD outs, but not for sure.