Volume control upgrades-

I have been into this hobby for over 25 years. I just completed my 3rd volume control upgrade on a preamp and was reminded just how much of a huge upgrade it is. By far, I feel the most significant upgrade one can do, regardless of cost.

This time I used a Goldpoint attenuator, which cost $150. I added a Bent Audio remote control system for $200. Labor was $200. Just incredible. The preamp had a standard $5 volume pot in it. In the past I have used TKD stepped controls.

I am now at the point that this change is an essential one.
Thought I'd share with others as it really is a low cost upgrade.
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Using a pair of Goldpoint SMD (balanced) attenuators installed directly at the backs of a couple of Monarchy SM-70 Pro's...performance-wise, I haven't since even thought of ever buying another preamp, no way...AND it's a fraction of the cost.
Would anyone care to recommend a dual volume attenuators upgrade for a first generation "Audible Illusions Modulus Tube Preamplifier with MM Phono Section". I know this would definitely be a very good simple upgrade for this wonderful hybrid early generation preamp...

Just need the nomenclature/design elements of the parts I need, my knowledge in this area is nonexistent. But the setup I will be useing could benefit quite alot from this type upgrade as I understand.

Thks Jeff
PS I will not hold any recommendations against the overall success of this project.
I replaced my DACT 23-stepper with a TKD 2500 continuous attenuator and love it. I did this because I could not get a precise enough level with the stepped DACT, but I am pleasantly surprised at the resolution, solid bass, and more organic less piercing lower treble (but still pristine upper highs) of the TKD.
Just sharing my experience.
Yes, Poti is essential, the signal goes through it. Normally the signal looses a lot of its quality based on cheap design (material ---> signal transfer ability) But before, it will reach the Preamp via its $6,95 RCA connectors. To replace these is even more important with High quality units (Eichmann Phono Pods for example) ....
Why not go all the way and just get a Lightspeed Attenuator?

When choosing a replacement, I believe you typically match it with the impedance of your power amp. If you google Goldpoint they have some good info. A rule of thumb is tube amps , 100k or 50k. Solid state amp, 5k, to 25k.

To address Syntax's point of RCA jacks, I have found most of the preamps I have used, have used a fairly decent grade of RCA jacks as OEM. Those same preamps, however have used at best maybe a $15 Alps pot.
Thks to all for the direction, this has been extremely informative. Goldpoint will definitely provide the options for what I need...