Volume Control thru Duet remote or Preamp remote?

I have a Logitech Duet connected to a DAC to a preamp. Should I turn up the volume on the Duet to maximum and control the volume through the preamp remote or just control the volume through the Duet remote. I am asking because I have heard some people say that if you use the Duet remote you drop bits. That argument doesnt make sense to me.
If you're connecting to a DAC, the only way to reduce the volume from the Squeezebox Controller (SC) is to rescale the digital word values seen by the DAC. You lose 1 bit of resolution for approximately every 6dB of volume reduction. You might not notice a difference for only a few bits, but I haven't tested this theory.
Just a followup: it might be possible to convert streams to 24-bit in SqueezeCenter. Then you have 48dB of volume to play with before losing resolution becomes an issue.


I'm not going to worry about it, since I never use the controller volume for serious listening.
Definately the preamp. I have a Duet going to a DAC, going to a preamp. Both my preamp and DAC have significantly better volume attenuation/control than the one in the DAC (either via digital out or analog out). For convenience (background music), do whatever is more convenient.