Volume Control for second set of speakers

Hi guys, anyone have a recommendation for volume control so that I could lower the volume on the “B speakers” from my amp.

I’ve got two sets of speakers in a large room and I just want to turn one set down a little to blend them better.

Something like this thing:
But maybe better? Or maybe this thing is perfect? Anyone have one?

Nope, that won't work, you are switching power, not line level signals.   What would work, is to use the line level outputs from your amp, feed it into the volume control unit you found, and hook up another amp for speakers B.  

Not what you wanted to hear, I am sure.   But, that B output is speaker power level, so you can't apply line level electronics to it.   You could put a power resistor in series with each Speaker B, say 100W, 2 to 4 Ohm resistor, which will cut the volume a bit.   It will also affect the sound quality and not in a good way.  

Another option, which you probably don't want to hear, is using a set of speakers that are less sensitive than Speakers B.   

If your main amp is a home theater receiver, you should be able to control the volume to Speaker B in the settings menu.  
Thanks SpatialKing. Unfortunately my Integrated doesn’t have pre-outs. It’s a Yamaha A-S801. My first thought was to add a second integrated but it seems like I cannot  

I’m confused, why wouldn’t this monoprice box in the speaker wire run not work?
The A-S801 has record outs but, oddly, they are associated with specific inputs.

You can use that to drive a separate integrated.
For your consideration:

A perfect application for the TVC-1 is adjusting the volume of
remotely located speakers. The TVC-1 adjusts the volume of
speakers connected to it by attenuating the amplifier signal.
Niles volume controls use autoformers instead of L-pads for
the volume controlling element. This assures minimal internal
power dissipation with virtually no power wasted as heat.
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@pratorious yes that is perfect thank you and what I was looking for!

And this will not degrade the signal?  
Also my speaker wire is 10AWG - this accepts maximum of 14AWG - could I use speaker pin connectors?
Now where's Audiogon's reigning theoretical physicist when you need him? Oh well. Guess we can always use the old search engine...
because... as with everything else.... its been asked and answered:


So you can either slap a rheostat in series with the one you want to trim, or (much better) open the amp up and add them inside following the circuit diagram.

Whew, easier than I thought. Thank God, no Morphic Fields involved....

Would there be any way to run the B speakers through the Schiit SYS?

Used a Niles speaker attenuator for deck speakers for years...works beautifully with little noticeable effect on tone...plus...deck speakers for outdoor use...who cares? 
@wolf_garcia yeah my dad had one for the dining room speakers when we were growing up. Not sure what happened to it...

the speaker connection is unfamiliar to me - do you think these Lil Piggies would connect properly?

Those "lil piggies" would work perfectly with the Niles attenuator, or whatever that thing is. I may have to get some of those.