Volume Control Conrad Johnson DR-1

I have a Conrad Johnson DR-1 Ttransport that I purchased from a fellow Audiogon'er that came with a Classe remote (original remote lost). I put the unit in storage as I had not yet purchased a DAC, and when I was ready to start using the unit I realized that the Classe volume +/- controls did not adjust the volume. Anyone know of a manual method for adjusting the volume (no volume buttons on the Dr-1 - a remote function only). I do not want to use direct to my amp but just want to be sure when the volume level is set at. I know I can contact CJ customer service...just wanted to try here first. Thanks.
It's likely that the Classe remote was meant to control an integrated amp or preamp as well as a cd player, hence the volume controls. However if the DR-1 is just a transport as you say it wouldn't have a volume control as it would need to output a digital datastream to a dac in order to play music. There are full-function players with volume control and dacs as well, but never transports. Hence unless you DAC has a volume control you'll have to use a preamp of some kind. Hope that helps.
I would assume that the DR-1 would reset its digital volume control to max whenever it would be turned on and off. If you happen to have another transport/player arround that you could also plug into the DAC, or just another source, switch between and "see" if the volume out of the DR-1 is lower.
Ultimately you could contact CJ, they would be able to tell you. They have excellent customer service.
Thanks Jond. The volume control issue came up when I was just flipping through the DR-1 manual. I have had several CDP's with volume controls but I had never heard of a volume control on a transport before. The manual goes into length regarding the volume setting especially when using the transport with a DAC that has HDCD capabilities. Transport play's and sounds great, just seemed strange. I may e-mail CJ customer service just to see what they say. Thanks again.