Volti Razz Loudspeakers

Volti Audio recently introduced a new model horn speaker called the Razz. I purchased a pair from Greg Roberts, the owner of Volti Audio to replace a pair of Klipsch Heresy IIIs. Let me just say, these speakers are spectacular. Not only do they blow away the Heresy's, I also believe they would be a better choice than the new Klipsch Cornwall IV at around the same price. No disrespect to the Klipsch models, the Volti speakers are beautifully hand made and are built by a true craftsman. Check them out if you're in the market for a pair of Klipsch speakers or any other horn speaker. I am not in any way affiliated with Volti Audio, just a satisfied customer.
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Would love to hear them. Figures the first year my schedule freed up to go to Axpona and/or RMAF they both get canceled. 
Trivial problems in the big picture of things tho.
Volti Audio is the best!!! I heard these speakers at a show recently and they are superb. Greg Roberts is a straight forward person and a wonderful individual to do business with. Greg helped me upgrade my Klipsch Horns and they sound amazing. Klipsch horns on steroids. As a professional musician I expect my Hammond B3 to sound like one, and percussion and mid range to sound like it does live on stage. Greg Roberts gets it right for many reasons, one being is he has done trials with so many speakers, he also consults many other professionals along the way. My Marantz 8b and Marantz 7c go hand in hand with his work. Volti Audio is the way to go....  Bill Sarasota FLA
Volti audio is the way to go.
My main system includes Wilson Sasha’s. I am enjoying the Volti Razz so much, I may sell the Wilsons and buy a pair of Volti Rivals. 

Whether the Razz is better than the CW IV, which is questionable, I do agree, that Greg Roberts is a master. So was PWK, whose original Heritage designs were adapted by Greg ( the Lascala, in particular ). What I will say, is that once a person lives with a properly designed horn speaker, it might be hard to go back to a conventional design, as there are attributes to horns, that cannot be duplicated elsewhere. If these attributes are appreciated by the listener, again, there is no going back. Be well, all, and enjoy !
How is the bass?  I had the chance to hear the Rivals at a show once and liked them, but couldn't totally get after them.   Liked what I heard though (had them play some Tom Petty).  But I do like my bass to "thump" a bit, and it's so hard for a super efficient speaker to do both without a sub.  

Just wondering how you feel the bass is?

His stuff is way cool.
I haven’t heard the Cornwall IVs. I was probably going to buy them before I found out that Volti had come out with the Razz. I believe I made the right choice with the Volti’s over the Klipsch, however. I think that Greg Roberts takes what is great about the Klipsch Heritage line and brings it to the next level. Just my opinion of course.
As far as the bass of the Razz’s, mine are in a fairly small room, but I find the bass to be deep and not at all boom-y.
Glad to see a more affordable model from Volti.  Seems well received so far. 
I haven’t heard the Cornwall IVs.
If you haven't heard the CW IV, what leads you to believe the Razz is the superior speaker?

This is no way a slam against Greg. I have spoken with him a few times and bought his Khorn crossovers. I think he is awesome.


I have the CW IV'S...Will probably get some Volti's at some point. At least with the Volti's they dont need Upgrading like every single Klipsch does to sound their best. Who wants to buy a new speaker that needs to be tweaked?
riaa, the Razz can be tweaked to further their performance. When will you get around to opening, and connecting, the CWIVs ? 
Razz appear to take up less floor space than Cornwalls, more like Fortes, no?

That would be a good thing for many who might be tighter with space for speakers. 
If I was going to buy a third set of loudspeakers to rotate in and out of my system, it would be these. As I have referenced in at least 4 other threads on this Board, I loved the sound of the Rivals at Axpona 19. My maxim, not that I have many of them, is that if you can create impressive sound at a show, you can do amazing things in a real listening room. I have read the S'phile review repeatedly. Greg was done no favor by S'phile assigning the review to Tom Gibbs. First and foremost, he does not have a track record of reviewing so that the reader can calibrate his/her preferences to the reviewer. Second, his review was not very well written. Gibbs did very little to convey the character, quality, strong points, and weaknesses of the loudspeaker. And last, Gibbs' equipment is only eclipsed in the modesty department by the much missed Stephen Mejias. 
Now one can validly say who cares what the review says and I could not agree more. I need to hear them and I am sure I would love them. I would like to know fwiw where Greg sources the drivers. There is a reference both on Greg's site and repeated again in the review that these are "one hundred year speakers". Is that referencing the cabinet or the drivers? In my experience, almost any cabinet can look good for a long time if babied. But drivers show their age more times than not. That though, is not why I ask. I like to know the driver manufacturer because certain names instill a sense of confidence. 
riaa......I know..The Vittora, along with the ELF, is quite a system, imo, and, amazingly beautiful, as well.
I don’t know about the latest Volti offering but I have heard the Heresy’s, all four types and the Cornwall 4. The Heresy’s are not even remotely close to the CW4 which is a very fine speaker. How it rates to the Razz I don’t know but one thing I will say is this CW4 does not need upgrade anything.

  You bring up an excellent point about craftsmanship though and Greg uses great material like Baltic Birch. Klipsch is like most other companies now, including those fru fru high priced priced ones selling crap MDF boxes with veneer so they look good but are inferior in build quality. If the sound was similar and the price was too I would buy from Volti based on the superior cabinet alone.
If you check Youtube you will find a number of simple, inexpensive upgrades for the CWIV's that enhance the sound.
well drivers used by Greg are much better quality if you compare to klipsch drivers,
cast aluminium baskets as oppose to stamped baskets, on the top of it cabinets and crossover components are also better quality I own Razz and Cornwalls are really nice speakers no question about it but if I have to choose again I would go with Razz
@fsonicsmith --

...  I would like to know fwiw where Greg sources the drivers. There is a reference both on Greg's site and repeated again in the review that these are "one hundred year speakers". Is that referencing the cabinet or the drivers?

Greg's main midrange compression driver supplier for a while now has been BMS (the 4592ND, to be specific), but I don't know whether he's made any brand changes here. I doubt it. The BMS is a great driver for sure, and its polyester ring radiator diaphragm should last decades, I suppose, while being an SPL rocket. The remaining units, woofers and tweeter compression drivers, to my knowledge are still from Faital - decent quality pro drivers. Being pro drivers alone is a big win with regard to durability and overall longevity, and I could see them lasting decades as well. 

As to Greg's claim of "one hundred year speakers," I don't know. Seems a bit on the puffed-up side of the fence, if you ask me. He's a fine woodworker, from what I can assess, but heirloom quality? Who knows. 
Nothing I have seen so far indicates advanced woodworking skills. It is not like he is building a Philadelphia high boy. There are no exposed hand done dovetails or any other difficult joinery or inlay work. Vacuum veneering is a simple process. If there is any art it is in matching the veneers which he seems to do skillfully. I understand his approach to finishing and in many instances it is warranted however there are instances and woods where a gloss finish is indicated. A perfect gloss finish requires twice the work of a satin finish thus is more expensive.  Not having heard the speakers.  I can not comment on the sound. I like horns in general more so than regular dynamic drivers. There are many positive comments. I wish him continued prosperity. 

I owned the Razz, just not a fan.  My experience was 30 year old Infinity and 5 year old Polk, each costing a fraction, sounded better.  My Razz experience has soured me to horns.  Perhaps some folks like the sound, but in AB comparisons in my mind, no contest.  The speakers are well made though.

The volti Razz sounded really good in the hotel room at axpona in fact they were the only room I brought home the print out on

I appreciate that the Razz now have an adjustable midrange and tweeter so they can be better tuned to your room. 

Here is a brand new review for consideration…