Voltage Regulators

I've recently been getting some low voltage in my area. My equipment doesn't like the low 112V and is shutting off, making popping noises and oscillating heavily. Please share your experience with Voltage regulators/stabilizers under $300. I've looked at the Tripp Lite Voltage Regulators which are around $200 CDN.
My suggestion to you is to go to eBay and/or surplus outlets and look for something *industrial* rated...

I have a ONEAC isolation transformer (220V in/ 110V out) in a small apartment. I unplug the stove when I want to use it. The difference in slam is more than slightly noticeable. I figure that by getting straight 220 I get way more juice. My power amp sounds better when plugged to the ONEAC.

I'm pretty sure you can find something industrial rated that you can use for your entire house.


The audio tekne power conditioner keeps the voltage at a steady 126 I believe. It helps me out where there are major swings