Voltage convert Krell KAV500


Like topic says, I want to convert a 120V unit to a 230V.
Is that hard to do?


the easiest and cheapest way is to get a step up/step down transformer and simply plug it in. you can find 'em online for as little as $40;ostensibly "better" ones obviously cost more. i've used 'em with no derogation of sound. make sure you get one with a lot of headroom (i.e. 500w-1000w).
I don't think you can easily. Inside the newer Krell units is a voltage/frequency sensing chip (I believe Martin Logan and other high end vendors also do this, to protect their high priced markets in Europe etc.). If you try to use a 120V/60Hz unit on a 230V/50Hz power supply stepped down to 120V, the unit will sense a frequency error and not work. This is the problem I had when I took my Krell HTS from the USA to France (I tried to run it with a 220V-110V step down transformer). In the end, I had to have Krell’s agent in France modify the unit to work at 220V/50Hz.
You will prolly need to buy from your Krell distributor a 50Hz chip to make it work. The input voltage can be easily set via a set of switches inside.
Thank you I will look into it!


Depends how old the amp is... I have a Krell KAV-250a that I converted from 120v to 220v. All I had to do was to flip 4 dip switches inside the amp.... this will not work for the newer Krells though...