voltage conversion problem for my Lamm

> I live in Italy
> would need your help please
> I have bought from a Lamm 1.2 from Usa thinking, as manual and specs
> state, they will work with all worldwide AC line voltage. But my
> technician says he cannot do the conversion unless to change the main
> transformer ( orrible thing !! ).
> If someone of you have a ML 1.2 can you help me in any way, especialy if bought from Usa ?
> Many thanks in advance
> Regards
> Piero from Italy
I think this is a job for Vladimir Lamm.

I suggest you contact him directly at their email addresss or better yet via telephone.

Phone: (718) 368-0181
Fax: (718) 368-0140

My two cents worth, from a fellow Lamm owner!
I agree with Kurt. Contact Lamm. They will send instructions for your technician to make the change. I don't think it is necessary to change the transformer, only the connections.
I will do.
Thanks Kurt tank and NSgarch.

Can you confirm whether the conversion required just a rewiring or was a transformer change really needed? Thanks.