Voltage conversion of Accuphase A-65 or A-70

Does anyone know how to convert voltage of Accuphase A-65 or A-70 100v to 110/120v? Or does anyone provide information on voltage conversion table of Accuphase A-65 or A-70?

does it require solder?


Back in the 80’s, when I sold Accuphase, they had a block inside the amp to remove and turn around 180 degrees and re-insert it to switch from 240 volts to 120 volts.  Look inside the amp where the power cord attaches. 

does it require solder?

Based on a web photo, the Accuphase A70 utilize Faston connection for voltage conversion, no soldering required.  Swapping two wires will change the incoming mains voltage from 100V to 120V. If you can post a image of the transformer 100V connection, I think we can figure it out.