Voltage conversion Krell equipment


I have just bought a Krell KAV 400 xi from the US. It will need 115V to operate. Here in Norway we have 230 V. I can overcome this by using a 230/115V transformer but would prefer to make a permanent conversion. Can someone tell me how to do this? Internal wireing or do I need to replace the transformer?
Most-likely you play with internal wireing especially if you see either switch or disconnected wires of a power transformer inside the box.
In most cases(except switch) you should have skills of a technician to reconnect for different voltage.
Call Krell. They are great.

I would not proceed without their input.

Cannot be done without Krells service dept. They monitor the incoming mains frequency with a wee chip and if it aint right the amp will not come out of standby. I was charged about 300 UKĀ£ a couple of years ago for this conversion.
I am ofcouse assuming that Norway has the same frequency as most of Europe as we all sell each other electricity.

Sorry Jim
I will back up hat Mcdonji1 said. I too had that problem with my KRC-3 preamp. The voltage can be easily changed using the toggle switches next to the transformer (you must have to know how to set them though) but the amp will not fire up anyway, as long as it senses 50Hz. To overcome that, you have to get a replacement control chip from your Krell distributor.