Voltage Conversion-Ayre Amplifiers.

I have a plan to buy Ayre Pre-Power amplifier from Audiogon. MRP of HIFI is very very high in our place and so buying new is beyond my imagination. Please let me know whether the voltage could be easily converted from 110V to 230V by a good Technician. Please help me. Your earlier reply will be very much appreciated. Thanks.
I would ask seller if possible for you to pay him to have this converted by Ayre before shipping to you. Then it would be perfect.
Any Ayre owners; please help me.
Please call Michael at Ayre Acoustics and ask him. His Colorado phone # is +1.303.442.7300 x223.

Or, you can find this link on the Ayre web page and ask your Voltage Conversion.


I suggest you not make decision until you discuss this with Ayre.