Volsamp (Pass Aleph Design) ??

Has anyone heard the new Volksamps? And??
No, but I think they're going to be almost exactly the same (with the addition of XLR inputs). I think Pass Labs is even contracted to build the units for awhile.
Greetings! Volksamp is a new corporation that was founded to product the projects and designs of Nelson Pass. That Pass Labs discontinued the original Aleph series to devote its human resources exclusively to the X series was coindidental with this corporation starting up. But, convenient, for Volksamp licensed the Aleph 3 and Aleph 5 circuit designs and is releasing them as the Aleph 30 and Aleph 60m (monoblock) respectively. There will also be a preamp similar to the Aleph P, with remote, by Christmas. Look for several Zen amps to also appear in the Volksamp stable; all licensed from Nelson Pass. Pass Labs is producing and marketing the products under contract from Volksamp at the present time. Please visit the Volksamp website at www.volksamp.com for more details, or call Pass Labs at 530-367-3690. Best regards, Peter Perkins, Pass Labs/Volksamp domestic sales
That would be "coincidental", to correct my spelling!
Audio-video logic out of des moines sells these, and deals in the occasional used pass labs alephs as well. I have heard the volksamp aleph 3, and it is phenomenal sounding. I think it's the best ss amp I've ever heard. The cabinet is indeed different. It is a traditional box shaped amplifier with a blue led and power switch on the front.
If anyone would like to purchase the Volksamp Aleph 30 in NY or does not have a local dealer you can email me at [email protected]