Has anyone heard the Volksamp 30? Any experience with this would be interesting...
I looked into buying one a couple months ago.The 30 is supposed to have a bigger power supply thus better dynamics.If you get one DONT pay $2000.00 I was offered a demo w/full warranty for just above $1000 before haggling.I was told by the dealer the 30 is better than the aleph-3.Since the 3 has already proven its self and I found a demo for under $1000 I grabbed the 3 real quick.I havent heard or read any reviews about the 30 so to me the aleph-3 was the way to go. If you can find a 3 with low hours and $1000 range I would get it before someone else does.
I have heard the volksamp 30 at a dealer, and I now own the pass labs aleph 2's. There have the same 'ultra clean' sonic signature. The volksamps are in a conventionally styled case, and have the power switch on the front. They 'might' have balanced inputs as well. I know the aleph 3 does not. The volksamp case was not as heavily built as the aleph's. Not nearly as much metal. The 2's came in handy last weekend when I rotated to winter tires. Like David 99, I'd go for a used aleph 3 as well.
'John_1 I'm not sure I'm clear on your opinion. Im also looking at a volksamp . To be used with an Anthem pre 2 to Paridigm Ref. Studio 80s. Are the Aleph 3 and Volksamp30 so close you would buy the Pass used because its a better price used. I prefer to buy new but want to buy the better product. Thanks for you help. cheers teve
I would buy the aleph 3 over the volksamp for the following reason: 1) It's a real Pass Labs product. Pass is well established, and has A++ customer service (thanks peter!), 2) The aleph has a more massive case which implies better vibration control and perhaps better heat dissipation, 3) It can be found for 1200ish used. The volksamp does have it's conventional appearance (higher waf), and it's newness going for it. Either choice is a reaonable.
To simplify this, Pass sold the technology to Volksamp. I agree with everyone that you should buy a used Pass Aleph. They are wonderful and hold their value.
Pass did sell the technology to volksamp...they are also making the amplifiers for Volksamp. Check out www.passlabs.com...I think they had some info on their site. The 30s do offer balanced inputs, a conventional chassis, and the power switch on the front. I had an Aleph 3, but I haven't heard (or heard anything about) the Volksamp.
I read somewhere that the Volksamp actually had either 3 or 6 db's ( can't remember which ) more headroom than the original Aleph 3's. Anyone know if this is true ? Sean >
I just bought a pass labs x-150. (Just burning in now). I auditioned this with an aleph 2. Still like the x stuff. I got a great price as well.
pass said there was no additional gain running balanced 18 months ago and that was the reason the the lack of the feature on the aleph 3