Volex 17604 power cords

say has anybody bought these new recently? i just ordered a couple to try from newark and what I got are labeled volex but the wire has some chinese "tongyuan" label on it & the blades are plated not brass like they used to be according to some folks. i read a thread on asylum about how they are now chinese & no longer made in mexico like before & wondering about how they might compare? cheers//////

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I purchased a batch last year that are different from a pair I bought the year previous. I did notice a difference in appearance, though I didn't see anything to indicate Chinese or any other sourcing (could be I wasn't looking hard enough). I bought a a couple of the 12 footers specifically to cut down - and in the process of doing so didn't see anything to indicate a material difference in the wire or configuration. Finally, though I haven't done any critical listening I'm happy with the performance of the new cables . . . they're a still a bargain (I think the total cost was $21 for 3 - 4 foot cables).
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