Volent VL-2, Hyperion 968 or Acoustic Zen Adagio

I use my system for 50% 2 channel and 50% 5 channel. The room is about 20x18. I use a Denon 3808 to drive the system. Thanks in advance.
I have heard the Hyperion and the Acoustic Zen. I would choose the Hyperion any time. IMHO
Would love to hear the Hyperion. They seemingly have no dealers. I know they are made in Red China, so they are less expensive given that labor costs are almost non existent so perhaps a deal can be had.
Their only disadvantage is very high SPL's, where the cabinet does not seem that rigid but only conmpared to Wilson Audio or Hansen. Other than that it is a very similar sound to the prementioned manufacturers!
newbrook and argyro thanks for the information and insight.