Vol. Control, TKD Or Dact For Counterpoint Pre ?

Looking for feedback on a high quality attenuator for a SA-5000 preamp, stepped or otherwise.
Any other considerations welcome, I already checked out Alta Vista.
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The two that you mention are first class.
Consider Goldpoint as well.
I am looking for the same info as Rx8man. The TKD attenuator would be the one that is a stereo control and is called the "plastic" one that sells for about $70.00 as the more expensive "stepped" attenuator that sells for about $250 is too big for the SA-5000. According to Mike Elliot at Alta Vista, the $70 TKD is much better then the stock SA-5000 attenuator which he claims was a $7.00 part. Does anyone have expereince with replacing attenuators and can make a recommendation as to a brand and model?
The DACT uses resistors which are better than conductive plastic.
I guess the next obvious question would be:
Is the DACT attenuator physically smaller than the stepped (not plastic) TKD ?
I did a Google search on the Goldpoint, it looks really nice, wonder how it compares to the DACT ?
Thanks, Rkeman & Rwwear.
Look at Dact.com. Their controls are small.
FWIW the CTC Blowtorch preamp uses slightly modified TKD pots. It is suggested to avoid use of Vishay resistors since image height variations are lost or at least diminished.
After some research it looks like RX8man and myself should be looking at the following types:

Step attenuators ladder type that have a high amp rating of 20 with metal film resistors.

Any other suggestions?


I spoke to the guy from first sound and he mentioned that he uses Vishay resistors, obviously a specific model. Where did you get your info and what resistor should be used?

I like the Holco resistor. They're pretty nice sounding on my preamp. I think the DACT might be a little too deep.
That's why the TKD is probably the best choice here for the counterpoint.
So the DACT & Goldpoint are BOTH too big (deep ?)
Does anyone know how either this one


or the ones built up with either Holco or Vishays on a Shallco or Elma stepped rotary switch compare?

Or does the quality of the switch itself not come into much play?
Yep. I do have a DACT and definitely won't fit. The smaller goldpoint might fit. You will need to get exact dimension from goldpoint.
Tonyptony, this guy from digitalanaloguediy used to sell them on ebay. It is not as fancy as the goldpoint but it will do the job. As long as you have good contact point with smooth action, I would think the difference will not be too great for the switch. As far as resistor goes, I do like the Holco but not sure where you can get all the values you need.
I seem to remember the Parts Connection having resistor based volume controls.
Thanks all. I guess one of the tricks is figuring the right taper. One of my fellow philes has a Quicksilver preamp that has dual mono 40-something position detented volume controls, making it very easy to have fine gradations between steps.