Voice In the Rain...

Had huge headache past Sunday, but after listening of few tunes Joe Sample's "Voice in the Rain" it was gone.
Spinned record at approximately 75dB not too loud and not too quiet. Not the type of music I normally listen to, but darn, it helped!
Not normally a fan of "smooth jazz", but Joe Sample IMO is at the top of this genre. The 1979 release "Carmel" is not just a great fusion/pop jazz recording, it's a great jazz recording with excellent sound quality. Will check out "Voice in the Rain" to see if his follow-up is at the same level of "Carmel".
I really enjoy the LP called "Swing Street Cafe" he made with the guitarist David T. Walker.Beautiful,Fat Bluesy sounding.Modern and traditional at the same time.If it doesn't cure your headache it may very well make you forget you had one.
Headache often ceases when you forget about it. May be that was the case -- good point Casey! If I could listen to the smoth jazz that I'd normally don't, than Joe Sample is truely great musician that I can enjoy.