Voce Divina Loudspeakers founder contact info Tenore Soprano Basso Contrabasso Passo Alto

I am one of the co-founders of Voce Divina loudspeakers. I love to hear from my customers and help them with any issues they may have, or if they want to repair, replace or sell their Voce Divina loudspeakers.
I am in contact with multiple customers who are enjoying their Voce Divina Tenore, Soprano, Basso, Contrabasso, Alto and Passo products for decades.
I am going to sell my website domain www.vocedivina.com, as it is too expensive to keep up. I would like to offer my USA telephone number for those who would like to contact me directly, +1 801 209-5532, and or visit our Instagram page vocedivinaloudspeakers, https://www.instagram.com/vocedivinaspeakers/
Bryan Ganz
I've heard the Sopranos at a dealer in Seoul and was blown away.  One of the best reproduced sounds I've ever heard.  I have been looking for a pair but they seem to be really hard to come by in the US
Hi Opus111,
I am happy to read this Korea was one of our largest markets. We made a lot of Sopranos but I rarely see them come up for sale either. I saved your name and number after you texted me and I’ll let you know when I find some.