vocal distortion on Jayhawk's Rainy Day Music

I have recently listened to two different copies of Rainy Day Music and both have vocal distortion. I have heard of this problem at other sites on the web so I don't believe it is in pressing. I believe the producers/engineers (Rick Rubin?) have turned up the levels on the vocal tracks to the point of distortion. While I enjoy the music on this release I just can't bear to listen to it. On some of the threads I've seen reviewers claim to like the distortion, stating that it brings back a sixties sound for them. I find it inexcusable to record something this obnoxious. By the way, this is not the first American Recordings release to have this vocal distortion. A number of years ago I purchased an American Recordings release of a Red Devils live cd that had the very same distortion. I am now wary of all American Recordings. I have yet to see American Recordings or Lost Highway Records resond to the many complaints on this issue.
I have this on CD but have hardly listened to it-I'm a fan but found this a bit tired sounding-very Byrds like influence in places.
I'll check it later in more detail for the distortion on the vocals but didn't notice it on a casual listen(s).
I am glad you mentioned this. I actually was wondering if my speakers had developed a problem when I heard it. I am sure it sounds ok on the radio or in a car, and maybe that was the intent. I certainly will not buy another.
Yes the vocals are way forward in the mix,depending on the track this ranges from the extreme to the not so extreme.
It doesn't actually distort on my system however again I state I haven't listened in detail or in repeated sessions-it is I agree pretty irritating when you focus on it.
I find it a difficult listen more because of the music-it's so lightweight and derivative on a level I just wouldn't expect from The Jayhawks.
It is really difficult to guess what they were trying to achieve on this record-the last one Smile hinted at problems-this is truly aimless.
Sns I stand corrected there is very real distortion-32 seconds into track 13 and I wouldn't doubt elsewhere too.
Bit of a scandal actually.
While I have not heard this album, the American Recordings pressings of Johnny Cash are superb on my four LP copies.

I hope this is limited to this artist, I have long considered American Recordings a label to trust when purchasing new software.
I also enjoy the American Recordings. To cart blance say you would not trust them to do a good job is jumping to conclusions. I enjoyed the Jayhawks "Rainy Day Music" album on first listen but haven't heard it in a while. I don't remember thinking it was sonicly outstanding but also don't rember ant glaring errors. I will listen to it again however. Which songs did you notice the distortion on?
The distortion is on just about every song. The reason for distrusting American Recordings also goes to a previous release by the Red Devils, it was a live recording (I don't recall the title) it was also distorted in the vocals and I returned that as well. I recall reading reviews after I returned that cd that mentioned this distortion and warning people of it. I also find it curious that neither American Recordings or Lost Highway Records have not responded on their websites to other complaints in regard to the distortion on the Jayhawks recording.