Have anyone come across this turntable?
Not too much info on the internet, but price is very attractive.
This deck can stream BT signal.

My two cents is, rather than spend a limited budget on a new table that plays vinyl, but also boasts electronic bells and whistles, spend the same budget (or if possible, a tiny bit more) on a higher quality table with a proven mechanism and acceptable tonearm, not to mention an acceptable cartridge.  perhaps something made by a company such as Rega or project, with plenty of experience and skin in the game...
The ad copy says:
Our understanding is that music is an art form. Polluting it with complicated connections and a mess of wires dilutes the listening experience from how the artist intended.
... as if digitizing an analog source to send over Bluetooth is truer to the artist’s intentions.

In the 58 years since the introduction of the stereo LP, I didn’t realize that hooking up two interconnects and a ground wire was so complicated--and worse--destroyed the artist’s conception. What a waste of energy and emotional response I wasted on my reactions to those records I was playing through those dumb wires!

I agree with marktomaras about a better, simpler table. Allow me to nominate the similarly-priced Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC as an alternative.