VMPS Super Tower III vs. Pipedreams

I hear great things about both speakers. Anyone have thoughts of comparison? --or Do you even consider the VMPS Super Tower III's to be of comparison to the Pipedreams (6', 7', or 8')?
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I owned a pair of Vmps super towerR a ways back and only had them for awhile.I found the big for sure but they only sound good to me when they were blasting.They were not involving at all.Gave up on trying to get them damped on the downfiring woofer and ended up selling them at a loss.Thats not to say there are not improved now,but they just didn't click for me. I ended up buy new B&W 801 Matrix sereis 2 and had them for 10 years.Tough call.
The latest neo ribbon VMPS is much better than the Super Tower R, a design going back a long ways. I have only heard the RM-40s but I am sure that the Super Tower III's would at least be competitive with Pipedreams. You may want to listen to the RMX Elixer model. It's the latest and only cost around 10k.
The Super Tower III's are the top of the Vmps line of speakers, above even the new RMX Elixer. They must be bi-amped and can be tri-amped. They cost $21,000-$24,000 depending on your choice of finish. They are huge and heavy speakers but do have free shipping and factory installation/ setup built into price. I think the top of the line pipedreams are $75,000, I would think at that price they could be better. I did at one time listen to an older pair of the Vmps's and was blown away but have no idea what the newer model sounds like with it's 75 and 6 inch ribbons, bass cutoff is now 14hz on this model. If you have this kind of money, then I would call Brian and set up a listen at his place.
Grateful, I do not know the VMPS speakers but the one thing that I can tell you defiantly: the Pipedreams (any model) are insultingly crapy speakers and they must not be considered under any circumstance.

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