VMPS Subwoofer details?

A very nice and helpful person from this site has turned me on to the Subwoofers offered by VMPS. I was wondering is anyone has any experience with these, and or has built the kits. I was wondering if the "KIT w/o cabinet" means they send you instructions on how to build the cabinet and the speakers? Any detail or conversation on these subs would be helpful to me. Lets get to talking! lol
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I built two of the standard Subwoofer kits with the cabinet! Easy, fill the subs with insulation attach the wires, screw in the drivers and your done..
The Kit w/o cabinet means you have to build the box with their plans.
Their subs go down low and are very efficient so monster amps aren't required but when you do, you can achieve concert like base.

There is a VMPS forum on www.audiocircle.com where people can help you and point you to a dealer who can discount the subs and/or provide free shipping.

If you have the space get two! Stereo subs rule!