VMPS Speakers Co. Closes Down

The link to the VMPS speaker site has been down for several months.

A dealer for VMPS, Underwood HiFi has posted the following message on its website in the following link.


Sad to hear.
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Yes, this is sad news. Brian Cheney's VMPS speaker designs routinely gave more bang-for-the-buck than the competition. He and his no-nonsense approach to speaker design will be sorely missed.

My best wishes to Brian for his recovery.
Article by Brian Cheney and the ridiculous high prices in hifi.

Saddened to hear this, hope Brian can indeed recover and wishing him all the best.
Update - according to a thread over Audiocircle Brian passed away yesterday evening.

RIP Brian
This is really too bad. I was just thinking of this brand
a few days ago and was going to call to find a dealer. I always like the looks of the giant FF-1s? but never even got a change to see (except for photos) or hear them. Too bad for all of us.