VMPS speakers

I asked about the VMPS subs a while back and have heard nothing but rave reviews. Now I would like to know if anyone has had any experience with their speakers. In particular the FF1 dynamic version. I emailed them with some questions yesterday and got an almost immediate answer with some questions attached as well. Signed by the owner no less. After 3 emails back and forth I know VMPS is a company I would do business with. However I would have a hard time dropping 7K on a set of speakers that I havent heard even with a 30 day return policy. Please if anyone has had any experience with these speakers or this company post and tell your story.
I've heard their big ribbon system at CES several times and it is superb. I believe the smaller ribbon systems are similar. I would probably follow the designer's suggestion and biamp. Frankly, I don't think there's another company which provides so much for under $20,000.
Hello, As the Midwest dealer for VMPS as well as owner of AVMS, I can tell you that you would not be disappointed with any VMPS speaker. The FF speakers are a steal at their retail price, and if you wish I can give you a nice discount on the line. AVMS 888-803-3770 Lets talk speakers!
Hello again, As mentioned above, I am the Midwest VMPS dealer. You will have 30 days to evaluate the FF-1 after which time you may return the system if you wish. You must pay shipping. Call toll free 888-803-3770. Or e mail at [email protected] Also see AVMS www.avmsolutions.com Thanks!
There is a guy from NY who advertises in Stereophile classifieds and offers these at discount prices. He has a pair of demo FF1 with crossovers. Great sounding speaker.
Please bear in mind that, if you purchase used, or demo, you should ask about return priveledges if you are not satisfied or a problem with the units occurs. Thank you, Tony, AVM Solutions.
I have a pair of the RM1 speakers, and they are very enjoyable. All of the VMPS are "tuneable" to your room and amp, but this may take some time and patience. It is worth it. (Wish I could get the bigger ones.)
I have a pair of the Super Tower/R and a pair of the Super Tower III in my system and they are simply wonderful. I purchased the ST/R direct from Brian Cheney, and he is a real pleasure to work with. I have not listened to the particular model in question, but can say from my experience you won't be disappointed. You will not find anything that comes close for the same price.