VMPS RM40 better than Dunlavy IVa?

I'm very curious about the VMPS RM40, i'm about to purchase Dunlavy IVa's, but, now would like to know how the VMPS RM40 compares to it.
Not having heard both speakers but being familiar with the designs, i'm thinking that there would be a marked difference in presentation. For one thing, you're talking about an all dynamic driver system ( Dunlavy ) against a hybrid ribbon / dynamic ( VMPS ). On top of that, while both speakers use dynamic woofers, the Dunlavy's uses low Q sealed woofers and the VMPS uses a passive radiator. As such, i'd expect the Dunlavy to have noticeably faster / tighter bass with increased definition but the VMPS would probably have more "weight" and greater extension to it. As i mentioned though, these are strictly educated guesses and the bottom line would be your personal preferences in your room.

Having said that, Dunlavy's work best with rather wide spacing between them. If you can't give them room to breath, you might be better off with another speaker. Sean
As Sean said, both speakers will give you deep bottom end but will sound very different. I have a set of hybrid/ribbon speakers, not vmps (Apogee) and the sound from ribbon mid-highs would sound very different than the Dunlavy's.
I have the RM40s and have auditioned the Dunlavys a few times. The Dunlavys seem heavy and dark in comparison.

I have not noticed any reduced bass impact or speed (what does that mean anyway?) with the RM40s. They are, in fact, "tunable" in the bass by a dampening adjustment to the passive radiator.

Since I am a dealer for many brands of speakers including VMPS (you know where the hobby becomes a part time vocation) I have heard many of the big boys and to me it is not a choice.