VMPS RM30's vs. Newform 645v2's or 3's

Comparison’s for those who have tried both??? I listen to Jazz and acoustic for dedicated listening, and will use the "winner" for surround mains.
I had an older pair of Newform R-80's which were VERY revealing, but not great for rock, and had a very narrow sweet spot. I would like a speaker more versatile for all music, but still neutral and revealing. These are my finalists, so sorry dedicated and verbal Maggie owners, THESE are my finalists!! Maggies ARE great by the way!!
If Maggies are out then consider the Newforms. They are very good speakers and, being dipole exhibit a strong reverberant field which should really shine as surround mains.
VMPS will have better bass and everything else you look for in a speaker. I own VMPS and have heard the NewFrom.