VMPS RM-40s - Bargin or not?

I have read some of the posts on these speakers and want to know if you have them in your own system and what you think of them. They seem cheap for what you get versus other manufacturers and Marty at Bound for Sound loves them. Are they that good? What about room placement, I only have 7 foot ceiling and I don't want them to be overpowering.

Your comments are appreciated.

Happy Listening.
Absolute bargain- They will toast your 803s. I am using mine (in a room with a 7 foot ceiling) with Pass Labs X350, Pass Labs DAC-1, Altis CDT III, Kimber Select, Virtual Dynamics Nite, PS audio and the sound is breathtaking. Had Martin Logan Prodigies before the RM40s- no contest for me. If you order, make sure you get the TRT caps and FST tweeter. I cannot say enough positive things about these speakers. Go over to www.audiocircle.com and go to the VMPS forum- tons of comments and info.
I was going to buy Wilson Sophia's until I heard how smooth the VMPS RM40's (with the upgrades).. The nice thing is they are tall 61"~66" but the aren't very wide so they aren't very intrusive.

The pair I listened to were about 1.5-2' from the back wall and about equal from the corners and canted toward the listening position.

I heard them with the recommended Ampzilla amps, Placette Active Preamp, Transparent Reference cabling, PS Powerplant 300 (w/o multiwave), Sony 9000 DVD player playing SACD and redbook.

Effortless, and does revel every change upstream. Listened to them with the recommended 6 guage wire and the Transparent made a huge difference. Your Mileage May Vary.

Now I'm going to have to find another pair in Phoenix to listen to and then listen to the Sophia's again... It would be nice to spend 50% less. (more for music and live performances)
Cytocyle- Why not buy a used pair of Sophias? Will cost the same as RM40s new with all the crossover/tweeter/midrange upgrades/soundcoat/etc. They will also work much better in your smaller room.

I think the RM40s have some great qualities, but they are absolutely huge speakers, and have absolutely 0 WAF

Of course, many think Wilsons look like robots :)

KeithR - I have not updated my system page, I now have moved to my first house, and have a dedicated audio room (family room for video) (still small) and zero 'W' to worry about now... so WAF is not a factor (Wilson fit and finish is top grade) and they really are small visually. Still a used pair of Wilson Sophia's is ~8k, Discounted VMPS are ~$5500 with options. That's still a huge chunk of change.

I had Magnepans IIIa's for year so size is not a problem for me, full range is more important. Neither are truely full range compared to my NHT 3.3's

I'll update my system pages this weekend (still unboxing things...)
I still think the VMPS RM40's are an amazing deal for what you get, but I've decided to purchase Wilson Watt/Puppy 7 in "Fly Yellow" (why Yellow? Because I can!) so check my systems page in 2-3 months for pictures.
Event though they are 3.5 times the VMPS price the size of them in my 10x12 room is a little to big just like my NHT 3.3 which I am only selling because of how far they extend in the room.
I'm surprised that you took the Watt Puppy over the RM-40 based on sound. Ascetics aside, I'd take the tweaked RM-40, over the Watt/puppy, or its big brother the RM-X over the Wilson Maxx. But there's no doubt that Wilson's are one of the most beautiful speakers available.